What is possible and what is impossible with varicose veins

With varicose veins the patient should change our way of life, limiting themselves to certain things. This limitation is not so much. Learn what should not be done with varicose veins.

The basic prohibition – a sedentary lifestyle

Healthy veins in the legs

One of the main contraindications for varicose veins is a sedentary lifestyle. The function of veins is that they return blood from the extremities to the heart and lungs. Movement of the muscles that only help by pushing blood up. Thanks to the activity of the muscular system well the system of venous valves, preventing backflow of blood. Varicose veins occurs when the valves are disrupted, and the lack of movement only exacerbates this process.

Negatively on the condition of the veins affected by static electricity. So, prolonged standing or sitting causes stagnation of blood in the veins and their expansion.

A negative factor in the development of varicose veins is also excess weight, providing additional pressure to the veins of the extremities. So, if you have excess weight, then you have to face it in the first place with exercise. And what kind of sports you can do for varicose veins, you will learn below.

Fitness with varicose veins

Perhaps the most useful form of physical exercise for varicose veins is swimming. Firstly, while swimming, legs do not feel strong pressure, and the density of water allows blood to stagnate in the veins.

If you do not have excess weight, when varicose veins useful walking. For persons with excess weight suit walk at an average pace, not yet able to normalize weight.

If you love strength training, while varicose veins it is advisable to choose those exercises that are performed lying down or sitting, so not much to put your feet up. Also allowed yoga, Oriental and Latin dances.

Fitness with varicose veins: what is prohibited?

If you have varicose veins, then you should forget about sports where you have to run and jump. Say a decisive "no" to running, step, aerobics, jumping rope and certain types of dances.

You should also forget about the bar and other exercises involving weight lifting. Remember that varicose veins are not recommended to lift the weight more than 3-5 kg.

Hot treatments: can I go in the sauna and shower with varicose veins?

Varicose legs really do not like heat. Keep your feet away from heaters and other heat sources. Hot shower, steam room and sauna are contraindicated for varicose veins. Even if you don't have varicose veins, but are predisposed to it (e.g., inheritance), you are not recommended for hot water treatments.

But a cold shower, the opposite will be useful. And still useful after each bathing, rinse the legs with cold water.

Food for varicose veins

Any significant limitations with varicose veins no. The only thing you will have to sacrifice, that meat broths, marinades and smoked foods, which disturb the activity of the vessels. But otherwise, food with varicose veins is almost no different from a regular diet.

If you have problems with the outflow of fluid from the body, it is recommended to limit salt consumption to avoid water retention which affects blood vessels more pressure.

Varicose veins in women usually occurs or progresses during pregnancy. And usually during the second or subsequent... With increasing duration of pregnancy and increases the risk of developing varicose veins.

To go on a strict diet makes sense if you suffer from excess weight. Then you are shown a low-calorie diet that will help lose weight and feel better. You will see how lost every kilogram you will get easier.

Varicose veins doctors suggest enriching your diet a variety of vegetables and fruits to provide the body with essential vitamins, primarily vitamin C, rutin, bioflavonoid, and other biologically active substances.