Treatment of varicose veins at home

If you know what varicose veins with deep anatomical point of view, the causes and mechanism of occurrence of varicose veins, it becomes clear that it is almost incurable disease, which can be suspended only by surgery. It is not sad, but true. First, varicose veins can disturb the young woman only as aesthetic, cosmetic defect, but later, with age, the process progresses, and edema, pain, heaviness in the legs, in addition, it may be thrombophlebitis, and the most dangerous — thromboembolism.

Treatment of varicose veins

In this article we will focus on the treatment of varicose veins at home, however, the reader should understand that:

Conservative treatments for varicose veins have meaning only as maintenance therapy before and after surgery, no creams, no ointments, no lotions, not can help to change the pressure in the deep veins of the lower extremities.

Wearing compression underwear for varicose veins, of course, exerts its positive, quite effective, but only also as prevention to stop the progression of further varicose veins and the appearance of varicose veins.

I would like to warn our readers to not fall for a Scam website promoted with advertising on the Internet, which offers a unique discs with a magic technique for getting rid of varicose veins - this is the real swindle unsuspecting citizens. On these discs, in addition to exercise with varicose veins there is no information about the treatment of varicose veins. Indeed, simple exercises help to reduce heaviness in the legs, relieve swelling, but it is completely free to find on any website about varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches

Treatment of varicose veins with leeches — also, the majority of doctors considers to be quackery and trickery. Many patients, not knowing the nature of the disease, confuse varicose veins with thrombophlebitis and believe that in varicose veins the blood should be "thin", and leeches in this help. If a person has arthritis, it is best to use safe drugs that promote blood thinners. And varicose veins treatment with leeches can contribute to the development of allergic dermatitis, venous ulcers, and stings are often left pigmentation spots.

Treatment of varicose veins laser

Creams, ointments, lotions — it can help relieve pain, swelling, but does not reduce dilated veins

The most effective herbal remedy that helps to relieve tired legs, reduce swelling is horse chestnut. So, if you want to choose a cream, ointment varicose, choose tools, which include horse chestnut extract. Here are some recipes using this tool to treat varicose veins at home:

  • Grind finely to maximize the fruits of chestnut, then melt in a water bath pork internal fat, and add the chestnut mixture in the ratio 1/1. Such a composition can lubricate dilated veins and varices.
  • Dry flowers of horse chestnut 50 g pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 3 weeks, strain. to use such infusion should be 2 R/day for 30-40 drops before meals.
  • Crush the chestnuts, add the alcohol, based on 2 glasses of alcohol 2 tablespoons chestnut, infuse 10 days, shaking occasionally, drain. Take 20-30 drops of tincture 2-3 R/day before meal, course 20 days, then break 10 days and again repeat the course.

The recipes used by our ancestors, when it was not possible to use extracts of plants that can be found in many creams. For example, a horse chestnut in a variety of strengths is in the following the creams that can be purchased or at the store or at the pharmacy.

Exercises for legs with varicose veins

If a person has a genetic predisposition to varicose veins, any heavy physical exertion, especially lifting or serious sports - power sports, Cycling, Jogging sports - are considered to be undesirable, as the probability of developing varicose veins and its complications in adulthood.

Fitness for varicose veins better in a special compressive underwear that is made today in very beautiful stockings and tights. Doctors strongly recommend phlebologist persons located to varicose veins or already existing disease to treat varicose veins with regular implementation of preventive and curative gymnastics, which is easily done at home.

Exercises for legs with varicose veins

The proposed set of exercises for varicose veins has been developed by leading Russian and foreign specialists, especially for patients with varicose veins, by daily practice of simple exercises decreases the symptoms of venous insufficiency in the legs, reduced risk of complications and slows the progression of the disease.

1 activity - Unloading of leg veins. You should try to breathe evenly and deeply with your eyes closed, relaxing to do under the legs to put a pillow or a special cushion to keep your feet above the body 20 degrees.

2 activity - it is performed smoothly, slowly. Should lying to pull feet to take a deep breath and on the exhale, bend one leg, pull your knee toward your chest. The next time you inhale straighten your leg up vertically and slowly lower it. The same exercise should be done with the other leg.

3 exercise with varicose veins - bike. This movement is familiar to all, it should also be done lying down, imagining that you are riding a bike, feet pedaling.

4 exercise Alternately unbend and bend the foot back and forth only at the ankle joint.

5 exercise , Alternately bend and unbend the toes.

6 exercise - Lift your legs up, lying on back, place hands at your sides. Simultaneously turn both feet inward, then outward.

7 activity - Not tearing off socks from a floor, walking on the spot.

8-drill - Feet together, arms along the body, deep inhale, slowly rise up on toes, exhale - return to its original position.

9 exercise - Lying down, bend the legs, without lifting foot from the floor. My hands put on hips. When you inhale, lift your head and body, while his hands slide to her knees. When you exhale, return to starting position.

10 exercise - exercise is the scissors in a vertical position, it is done lying down, arms along the body, should alternately cross legs, breathing evenly.

Exercise with varicose veins

11 exercise with varicose veins - Bend your knees, lying on back, while keep your feet off the floor. With a slow exhale, pull your stomach and Vice versa, when you slow inhale - fill the belly.

12 exercise - Place feet at an angle of 20 degrees and lying on your back, hold a small pillow between the feet. Bend at the waist slowly inhaling while lifting his buttocks from the bed. On the exhale, return to starting position.

13 exercise - Stand up, feet together, hands along the body, on the inhale, pull your shoulders back, exhale - relax your shoulders, lower your head forward.

14 exercise - Lying down, feet at a 20 degree angle. Bend one leg, pull your knee toward your chest, clasp your hands stop. Then slowly straighten the leg up, the hands slide over the calf to the knee and tightly wrap the foot. Lower your leg, with hands on the hip. The same exercise for the other leg.

15 exercise - After exercise program, you should take a contrast shower on legs. A jet of cool water is alternated with warmer for 5-10 minutes.