Tablets for varicose veins

folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

Self-medication for varicose veins is the most popular method of therapy. The Internet is replete with wonderful recipes about apple cider vinegar, leeches and other magical technologies, and our fellow citizens willingly believe this. Varicose veins can now be cured inexpensively or even free of charge by certified specialists, but miracle shamans still enjoy great success. Probably, these are remnants of the primitive communal system of our ancestors. Only pain can make a person run after a doctor, we will diligently smear uncomplicated varicose veins with various nasty things in the hope that they will someday resolve.

Cure for varicose veins

The vast majority of people, choosing between surgical treatment of any disease (in our case, with varicose veins) and possible non-invasive treatment, be it capsules, tablets for varicose veins, gels, ointments, herbs and infusions, will choose the latter, especially if from allscreens will be broadcast to them about their effectiveness and the uselessness of any operations. The amount of information for stupefying patients can be judged by the number of advertisements for pills and creams for varicose veins on all federal channels, where happy girls run easily after smearing their healthy legs with a miracle cream or taking miracle pills.

Are representatives of pharmaceutical companies and various traditional healers so honest and what is the effectiveness of all these miracle drugs?

The goal of drug therapy for venous disease is to reduce symptoms and prevent complications, but achieving these goals is not easy. Today, the abundance of tools that can be applied has given rise to another problem: which one to choose? However, almost any remedy for varicose veins, even with a high rating, is not sufficiently effective, despite the theoretically substantiated expediency of its use. This is due to many reasons, the main of which is the low absorption of the medicinal substances of these drugs by the body. Ideal drugs for varicose veins should act on all pathogenetic links of chronic venous insufficiency, as well as have minimal side effects and high absorption by the body. A fairly large number of phlebotropic drugs are represented on the modern pharmaceutical market. However, the medicinal substances and the active substance they have are similar (plant flavonoids - diosmin) and therefore the effectiveness of one or another depends only on the concentration and assimilation of the active principle. The most popular are tablets for varicose veins and capsules: diosmin, rutoside, gels such as troxevasin, etc.

As practice shows, if you drink these pills for varicose veins, neither varicose veins, nor trophic ulcers, nor spider veins will go away, all the more you should not expect the varicose nodes themselves to disappear from these phlebotonics, however, lightness in the legs, a decrease in edema and the disappearance of night cramps canbe.

List of popular drugs for the treatment of varicose veins with low efficacy:

  • Diosmin;
  • Rutoside;
  • Troxevasin.

Do gels, decoctions, tablets and ointments help against varicose veins?

It is much easier and cheaper to take a pill, take infusions or smear inflamed veins, but such effective miracle cures have not yet been invented, and long-term results testify against this, but self-hypnosis can work a miracle. Whether to throw money away is up to you. Selling medicines for varicose veins in the legs has become a profitable business for pharmaceutical companies, since varicose veins are a very common disease.

Remedies for varicose veins are always of interest to suggested patients, and since the veins in the initial period of the disease do not bother, patients are afraid of any surgical care. Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amounts of money to convince the population and even doctors that without their pills are the best for varicose veins. The Servier company has been particularly successful in this, organizing conferences and "research", buying famous phlebologists in order to gain their authority to increase sales of their pills.

There are also folk remedies for "getting rid" of varicose veins:

Soda, mummy, iodine, peroxide, soap, clay, onions, cabbage, propolis and other remedies for varicose veins in the most miraculous way allow you to get rid of varicose veins, nets, as well as stones in the kidneys and gall bladder, from tumors and gangrene. Ordinary people believe in this nonsense, not understanding the causes or consequences of the disease. Thousands of posts on the Internet about magic pills and remedies for varicose veins in the legs are causing confusion in the heads of patients.

So what to do and take with varicose veins?

Before we usually suggest you contact our center, we will tell you about really effective methods that may well ease the course of the disease.

In this section, we propose to forget about the terribly effective pills that "help" with varicose veins and remember the traditional and proven methods.

Massage and bath for varicose veins

Massage, unlike many cheap phlebotonics from advertising, is a method of active treatment of varicose veins, helping in the prevention of edema, the very removal of puffiness, fatigue of the lower extremities and reduction of general body fatigue.

The Innovative Vascular Center uses all types of modern massage, especially for pathologies of the lymphatic and venous systems. Of the exclusive methods - the technology of lymphatic drainage massage with banding, which very effectively relieves chronic venous insufficiency.

In chronic venous insufficiency, massage is used to eliminate venous hypertension in varicose veins and post-thrombotic syndrome. The combination of this technology with bandaging allows you to effectively eliminate all clinical manifestations of the disease.

Therapeutic massage is a very effective remedy for symptomatic treatment of varicose veins on the legs, but it gives only temporary relief. We use manual lymphatic drainage in patients with severe edema in patients with lymphovenous insufficiency. There is no need to be afraid of "tearing off blood clots" with such treatment, but in case of exacerbation, it should not be used.

But the bath is a completely different matter: with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities or post-thrombotic disease, it is very dangerous. Any thermal stress can provoke the formation of blood clots in deep veins, carried with the blood flow, with all the ensuing consequences. Dehydration in the bath leads to "thickening" of the blood. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Varicose veins from the bath will not disappear, and thrombophlebitis may well occur.

Creams and gels for varicose veins

Despite the high effectiveness promoted by sellers and manufacturers, creams and gels do not bring relief from varicose veinsand dilated veins do not disappear from them. At the initial stage of venous insufficiency, the doctors conducting the appointment do not strongly object to the use of these supposedly "phlebotropic" agents, since their rubbing acts as a light massage and promotes venous outflow, and has a sedative effect on the skin and vascular walls. With advanced forms of venous insufficiency, these creams and ointments can cause dermatitis and allergy, therefore they are very harmful. Heparin drugs are used in the development of acute thrombophlebitis and helps to subside the inflammatory process, but varicose veins do not disappear from them. Shamanic products have received great popularity, thanks to the correct advertising with beautiful female legs, among the people, however, they have no relation to medicines, to women, and even to leeches, and there is no reason to expect from them. And also, regardless of the price, rating or well-known name, no drops will bring results, even if absolutely all reviews talk about drops as the best and inexpensive medicines in the world, phlebotonics, from which 100% of patients are cured. The best solution would be to contact a good attending physician who will prescribe a comprehensive mini-invasive or drug treatment and will correct your lifestyle.

Effective drugs for the prevention of thrombosis with varicose veins

A common complication of varicose veins of the lower extremities is thrombophlebitis, especially during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Low molecular weight heparin is a proven drug for the prevention of vascular thrombi. For the prevention of thrombophlebitis after treatment of varicose veins, our clinic uses Xarelto or Prodax tablets. The course of treatment with pills is 7 days after laser or radiofrequency intervention.

This article is written rather as a warning for people who are tired of reading custom reviews: "I recently bought inexpensive pills with a name like pentoxifylline, I have been treated for two days, 1 tablet a day, and every day it only gets better - the stars on my legs are gone, as is my fatigue, also noted anti-inflammatory effects and capillary growth. I recommend to all women, remember the name - pentoxifylline - for such a price there is no better pill to find, "or else waste your energy, time and money using socially accepted lists of drugs with low or unproven efficacy. The list of tablets for varicose veins in the legs increases every year, but their active ingredients remain the same. These are diosmin, rutoside, heparin and some others. Only the names are changed to increase sales. Read carefully the composition of these medicines.

It is better to come for a consultation with a phlebologist, and then, as a specialist with a higher medical education, he will conduct a comprehensive examination and prescribe adequate treatment, including drug therapy (the best pills for disgusting varicose veins), but still the most effective cure for varicose veins will be laser coagulation.

Remember the best remedy for any disease and even varicose veins is an active and healthy lifestyle. Therapeutic exercises, walking in the fresh air strengthen the venous wall better than any pill. The correct mode of work and rest, the use of an elevated position to relieve tension from the legs, swimming in the sea and in the pool - these measures are the best preventive and curative means. Do not assume that if the packaging of the tablets says "made from grape leaves, " then they are no longer chemical preparations. Why poison yourself with ineffective drugs, if it is impossible to remove varicose veins with their help.