Treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies

Varicose veins are a pathological process in which the veins are damaged with a further increase in the diameter of the lumen and thinning of the venous wall. The process is accompanied by the formation of aneurysm-like local extensions, called "nodes". The most common variant of the disease is varicose veins of the lower extremities, which today affects every third woman and every tenth man. Such varicose veins have two types - internal and reticular (venous mesh). The disease starts, as a rule, at the working age - up to forty years. Moreover, the more time a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the more likely the risk of developing varicose veins.

In addition to the pathology of the lower extremities, there is an expansion of the veins of the esophagus and stomach, small pelvis, spermatic cord and testicles (varicocele). Sometimes varicose veins are found on the face, in the form of spider veins. Enlargement of the veins of the uterus is a rather rare, but still occurring phenomenon. The disease is difficult to diagnose due to the absence of specific symptoms.

Treating the disease in any of its manifestations is not only important, but also vital. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious complications, including thrombophlebitis. Official medicine offers many methods of dealing with the problem: sclerotherapy, taking medications, special physical education and wearing medical jersey. In advanced cases, surgical intervention is possible. Proponents of unconventional medicine argue that the treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies gives an equally successful result.


baths for varicose veins

With varicose veins of the lower extremities, baths help well. The procedure is shown to be performed in the evening. Course - month. The water for the baths should be at 38 degrees. One procedure is continued for about 20 minutes.

  1. To a liter of boiling water for half an hour, add 100 grams of dried crushed milk (bark or grass). After filtration, it is poured into a basin with water at a temperature of 37 degrees.
  2. Birch, nettle and burdock leaves are mixed in equal shares, 3 large spoons of raw materials are steamed with a liter of boiling water for half an hour. The strained agent is poured into a bowl of water.
  3. Take half a cup of lemon balm, oregano, chamomile and nettle. Pour a liter of boiling water and stand for half an hour. Add to a bucket of warm water.
  4. Take 30 g of valerian root, mint and thyme. Pour a liter of boiling water for 15 minutes. After filtration, it is poured into a bucket of water.
  5. You can improve blood circulation with a linseed bath. For this, 2 large spoons of raw materials are brewed with a liter of hot water. Filtered in twenty minutes. Add to a basin with two liters of water.


With varicose veins on the legs and arms, as well as with diseases of the pelvic organs and testicles, it is useful to take baths with phyto-compounds. The infusions should be prepared in advance. The duration of each procedure is from 15 to 40 minutes.

Therapeutic baths are categorically contraindicated for thrombophlebitis and the presence of trophic ulcers. This method of treatment is not used during pregnancy and an increase in body temperature.
  1. Mix 0. 5 kg of willow, chestnut and oak branches. Boil in three liters of water for half an hour. After adding to the broth, several packs of pharmacy, chamomile and St. John's wort. Leave it overnight. In the morning, a decoction of rye bread (2-3 loaves) is prepared separately and mixed with the finished infusion. In the evening, the finished folk remedy is poured into the water and a therapy session is started.
  2. If there is a pathology under the knee, use soda. The pack is poured into a full bath of water at a temperature of 38 degrees.
  3. Prepare a collection of pine shoots, the color of chamomile, hazelnut leaves and clover, hop cones. The ingredients are taken in a tablespoon. Insist in two liters of boiling water for 1 hour. The filtered composition is poured into a bath. Useful for varicocele and pelvic disease.
  4. Honey baths help well with diseases of the uterus. Dissolve 100 ml of sweet medicine in five liters of water. Pour the product into the bath. Take a bath every day. In a week, her condition promises to improve markedly.
  5. Baths with essential oils of lemon, cypress, sandalwood and tea tree are useful for varicocele. It takes three to seven drops per bath.


compresses for varicose veins

The imposition of compresses recommended by traditional medicine is one of the most important home methods of dealing with varicose veins. Sessions are carried out before the onset of relief of the disease.

  1. Halves of a green tomato are applied to the diseased veins. Wrap the top with an elastic bandage and leave overnight. They shoot in the morning. The compress helps to shrink the venous cones. It is recommended to continue the therapy for a whole year.
  2. Use a tincture of dope seeds (100 grams per 500 ml of vodka). In half a glass of water, dilute 20 drops. Cotton wool is moistened in liquid, applied to the affected area, covering it with polyethylene on top. To hold the compress, it is shown to use an elastic bandage.
  3. Reticular varicose veins are treated with apple cider vinegar. Gauze bandages soaked in it are applied to the affected surface, leaving for two hours. The therapy is repeated twice a day. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for cellulite with varicose veins. In this case, it is used for wrapping, mixing with water in a 1: 5 ratio.
  4. Varicose veins and testicles are treated as follows: the flowers and leaves of silver wormwood are ground in a mortar, a tablespoon is taken and combined with 20 ml of sour milk. Apply the finished product to gauze and apply to the veins. A cloth is applied over the compress. After 2 hours, the body is washed with water. The treatment takes five days. If necessary, repeat the course.
  5. For the treatment of trophic ulcers, fresh potato gruel is used. Apply for five hours. Repeat twice a day. Potato wraps are indicated for cellulite with varicose veins. In this case, potato gruel is applied to problem areas and wrapped with cling film.
  6. The cabbage leaf helps in relieving pain. They beat him a little to let the juice out, and with the help of a bandage they fix him on the sore area. Change the bandage after three hours, if necessary, repeating it several times a day.cabbage leaves for varicose veins
  7. A handful of hop cones are steamed in a glass of boiling water. After that, bumps are applied to sore spots, fixing with a gauze bandage.
  8. Several sheets of Kalanchoe are cut off. They are kept in the freezer for five days, after which they are scrolled in a meat grinder and mixed with vodka at the rate of 1: 2. In a dark place, they are kept for a week. After filtration, it is used for compresses, wetting a gauze bandage in the composition and applying it to the affected skin surface for 1 hour. If necessary, repeat it two to three times a day.
  9. For the treatment of the skin over the diseased veins, a tincture of white acacia flowers and birch buds is used (raw materials are taken in an amount of 2: 3). Withstands a week. After that, cotton swabs are moistened in the resulting product and applied to the skin for five to ten minutes once a day.
  10. Walnut kernels are crushed into small crumbs. At the rate of one to two, it is poured with olive oil and stored in a place hidden from sunlight for forty days. In a strained composition, gauze is moistened, which is then applied to the diseased veins for 1 hour.
  11. At the rate of 1: 2, mix garlic (used with white husks) and vegetable oil. The resulting mass is applied to the diseased veins, covering it with a thin layer of gauze. To fix the compress, take an elastic bandage. Leave the compress overnight. In the morning, the skin is washed with running water. Put on compression knee socks.
  12. With varicose veins under the knee, compresses of milk whey are made at night. Cotton wool is moistened in it, applied to the sore spot and wrapped with cellophane on top. In the morning, the skin is washed with cool liquid. The recipe can be used by pregnant women with heaviness in their legs.
  13. Compresses from crushed pig lung are performed for ten days. For the best therapeutic effect, the lobules of the lung are sprinkled with sulfur. The bandage is left overnight.
  14. A decoction of common sow thistle is prepared (there is a large spoonful of raw materials per 200 ml of water). Together with the grass, they are applied to the diseased areas, leaving for a maximum of three hours.
  15. Prepare the collection (equally): eucalyptus leaves, lilac and lemon balm greens, celandine herb, chamomile flowers, celandine greens, viburnum color, fir needles, flax seeds, snake mountaineer rhizomes, dandelion roots. One Art. l. raw materials are boiled for a couple of minutes in a glass of boiling water. After cooling, squeeze out. Moistened with gauze, applied to the affected areas for several hours. Repeat the manipulations twice a day.flax seeds for varicose veins
  16. A collection is prepared from taken in equal quantities: sage leaves, primrose and watch leaves, cuff leaves, Icelandic moss, St. John's wort, meadowsweet, string, rose petals, wormwood, white willow bark, horse chestnut flowers. Take 10 grams, combine with a glass of boiling water and stand for a couple of hours. The gauze soaked in the composition is applied to the sore spot for six hours.
  17. Take a clean sheet of horseradish or burdock. It is kept on a hot kettle until it softens. The hot side is applied to the affected vein and fixed with an elastic bandage. It is recommended to carry out the procedure before going to bed, leaving the compress overnight. A total of five sessions are shown. The recipe helps pregnant women.
  18. In the evening, the lower limbs with varicose "nodes" are rubbed with Vishnevsky's ointment. Put burdock on top. Special stockings are used to fix the compress. Leave for three days. After that, the skin is washed with clean water. The treatment continues throughout the summer.
  19. To the consistency of thick sour cream, dilute cosmetic clay with water. It is applied to the affected areas of the legs, covered with a bandage on top and wrapped in a woolen scarf. The compress is held for three hours, during which the legs should be on a hill. Adherents of unconventional medicine claim that after a few sessions, swelling, swelling and "knots" disappear. The clay can also be used for anti-cellulite body wrap. In this case, it is applied to problem areas and wrapped in cling film. If desired, add a couple of drops of essential oil to the clay, which helps to quickly heal cellulite.
  20. Woodlice grass is applied to sore spots, covered with burdock on top and fixed with a bandage. Change the compress every couple of hours. He acts quickly. After a week of such therapy, pain in the areas affected by varicose veins disappears.
  21. Juice is squeezed out of celandine herb. In it, cotton pads are moistened and applied to diseased areas. The holding time of the compress is four hours. The treatment lasts seven days. If necessary, repeat the course after a short break.celandine herb for varicose veins
  22. Chopped fern leaves are mixed with sour milk. The mixture is wrapped in gauze and applied to the necessary areas of the body. A bandage is applied on top. Withstand the compress for 3 hours. After the legs are washed with water. Sessions are performed once a day before bedtime. It is indicated for pathology in pregnant women.
  23. If the disease is at an early stage, chamomile will help. Raw materials, in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. , steamed with a cup of boiling water and allowed to stand until a bright yellow color is obtained. The raw material is placed in gauze and applied to diseased areas. They hold the night. The bandage is removed in the morning, the body is not washed.
  24. Three tablespoons of natural clay are poured with water until they become gruel. Apply the ready-made mixture to the affected areas and leave it overnight, having previously covered it with a bandage and cellophane. In the morning, the compress is removed.
  25. Compress to strengthen blood vessels at home. Three drops of chamomile oil, carrot and lavender seeds are mixed with a dessert spoon of St. John's wort oil and a glass of water. In the composition, a gauze napkin is moistened, which is then applied to the affected area. The compress is applied daily to relieve itching and restore veins.
  26. A handful of calendula petals are ground in a mortar. It is applied to diseased veins, fixed on top with a bandage and left overnight. In the morning, the skin is washed. Repeat daily until the condition improves.calendula petals with varicose veins
  27. Borodino bread is cut into thin slices. Lubricate with camphor oil and sprinkle with a powder made from the fruits of horse chestnut. Applied to the diseased vein and fixed with an elastic bandage. To increase efficiency, wrap it up with a warm scarf. The treatment takes ten procedures.
  28. Lilac flowers are placed in a 500 ml jar (up to half). Add alcohol (to the top) and insist for seven days. In the finished tincture, cotton wool is moistened, which is then applied to the "knots". Also, the product is suitable for rubbing the affected areas.
  29. Use a grater to grind green potatoes. Three hundred grams of gruel are mixed with 50 ml of fresh honey. The finished folk remedy is applied to the diseased veins and fixed with cellophane. Wrap a bandage on top. Leave for a quarter of an hour, after which the skin is washed with running water. Compress helps well with thrombophlebitis.
  30. Another remedy for thrombophlebitis is a compress of honey and chamomile. To begin with, prepare an infusion of chamomile: 25 g of raw materials per 250 ml of liquid. After filtering and add 25 ml of honey. They are impregnated with gauze and then applied to the calf muscles. Perform before bedtime.
  31. For thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, compresses with honey and wormwood are recommended. Combine 25 g of fresh grass, previously crushed, with the same amount of bee product. The composition is distributed over the diseased veins, wrapped on top with a film and wrapped in a scarf. Leave for a quarter of an hour and then wash off. Sessions are carried out twice.
  32. Recommendation for improving vascular tone: sea salt is dissolved in liquid to a mushy state and placed in a refrigerator for 1 hour. After that, the salt is transferred to the tissue and placed on the diseased veins. The top is secured with an elastic bandage. Hold until the compress is warmed.
  33. The lemon is cut into slices. Apply to the diseased areas, covering the top with a bandage. Hold on to the night.lemon with varicose veins
  34. Prescription for treating varicocele at home. Oak bark, comfrey and marshmallow roots, chamomile and chestnut flowers are ground to a powder. A tablespoon is placed in 200 ml of boiling water and kept in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. The resulting composition is moistened with gauze. Apply to the scrotum for an hour. Repeat every day at bedtime.
  35. Powdered sugar is used as a compress in the presence of trophic ulcers on the skin. It is poured onto the affected area and covered with clean gauze on top. Change the bandage after a few hours.
  36. In the treatment of varicose veins without surgery, hydrogen peroxide is successfully used. The method is especially effective for getting rid of trophic ulcers. A cotton swab soaked in the product is applied to them for a short time.
  37. In a glass of boiling water, steamed blackberry leaves. They are applied to the sore areas of the legs during pregnancy, covering them with cellophane on top and warming them with a scarf. You can repeat the procedure all day to relieve fatigue, pain and heaviness.
  38. For daily compresses for puffiness and pain, fly agaric tincture is suitable. The mushroom is crushed, placed 2 tbsp. l. into a jar and pour 300 ml of medical alcohol. Store in a dark place for a week, after which they are wrung out. In the composition, cotton wool is moistened, applied to a sore spot and wait fifteen minutes. Sessions are carried out several times a day.
  39. In an enamel bowl, mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and turpentine, add one egg yolk. The gruel is spread on cheesecloth and applied to the diseased area on the body. After 2 hours, remove.


The use of ointments for the treatment of varicose veins is indicated from several days to months. As a rule, application sessions are repeated three times a day.

  1. Mix in the same amount: Vishnevsky's ointment, onion juice, aloe juice, liquid soap, honey, ichthyol ointment, pork fat. The mass is heated in a water bath, stirring constantly. After cooling, the ointment is ready for use. Treatment takes place four times a day. The course is two months. A remedy for treating varicose veins under the knee, on the face and even the testicles is suitable.
  2. Beeswax, olive oil and propolis, taken in a 2: 1: 1 ratio, are used to prepare an ointment that helps relieve pain. Use it no more than three times a day, applying it to sore areas and "nodules".
  3. Mix 20 grams of chopped garlic with sixty grams of butter. In the evening, sore areas on the legs are lubricated, getting rid of swelling and pain. To enhance the effect of the composition, parchment is applied on top and wrapped in a warm scarf. The treatment continues for ten days.
  4. To 50 milliliters of water add 150 grams of pork fat and 20 grams of hop cones and horse chestnut pulp. Keep on low heat for no more than five minutes. After three hours, filter. The finished ointment is stored in the refrigerator. Used at night, applying to the diseased areas of the lower extremities. A folk remedy effectively relieves swelling and relieves pain.
  5. The following components are equally mixed: lilac leaves, plantain, woodruff grass, celandine, string greens and coltsfoot, white willow bark, mullein flowers, fir needles, alder seedlings, clover greens. Take 20 grams, combine with vegetable oil and heat in a steam bath. The finished product is stored in a dry place in a glass container. Apply to affected areas three times a day.plantain leaves for varicose veins
  6. In equal shares, they combine: eucalyptus leaves, rose petals, steel roots, horse chestnut fruits, serpentine mountaineer rhizomes, shandra grass, wormwood leaves, flax seeds. Pour 30 grams of collection with a glass of moisture and boil for 15 minutes. After cooling, it is mixed with lard and vegetable oil (70 milliliters each). The ointment for pain is stored in a glass container. Apply to the affected areas up to three times a day.
  7. Prepare a collection of chicory roots, chamomile and calendula, Icelandic moss, meadowsweet grass, St. John's wort, cuff leaves, coltsfoot, black nightshade shoots. Combine 30 g of collection with 300 ml of boiling water and let stand until cooled. Then it is combined with pork fat and vegetable oil (60 ml each). Apply the product to problem areas up to four times a day.
  8. To ten large spoons of fresh comfrey root add two large spoons of dry comfrey leaves, acacia flowers and horse chestnut. After stirring four tablespoons of interior pork fat. Place the mixture on low heat and melt. After cooling, it is poured into a glass container. Used to treat varicose veins at any stage. Five sessions are shown. If required, the therapy is repeated after a couple of weeks.
  9. Take a handful of calendula stems, flowers and leaves. Chop finely, add to 500 ml of lard and heat in a water bath. Insist for twenty four hours. After filtering through gauze. Put in the refrigerator to thicken the ointment. Used for the treatment of varicose veins twice a day.
  10. Dandelion ointment helps relieve pain. The roots of the plant are dug up, washed thoroughly and dried. Placed in an enamel container, fill with water and boil until puree. Then melted pork fat is added and placed in a glass jar for solidification. Apply a folk remedy to the affected areas, covering it with cellophane from above.
  11. In the treatment of varicocele, skin of the face and extremities, an ointment from the inflorescences of horse chestnut is used. Raw materials take seven large spoons. Mix with 500 ml of olive oil and simmer for an hour in a water bath. Strain through cheesecloth and place in the refrigerator to obtain a thicker consistency. Rubbed into sore spots before bedtime.


masks against varicose veins on the face

Fruit, vegetable and other masks are used by traditional medicine in the fight against the manifestations of varicose veins on the face. The duration of the session is 20 minutes. Repeat once a day until the external manifestations of the disease disappear.

  1. Cut the peach, take out the pit. Rub the skin of the face in halves. It is recommended to wash off the mask with cold water. Helps to quickly get rid of a cosmetic defect.
  2. A ripe banana, mashed to a puree state, is applied to the face. Wash off the mask with cool water. Perform in the morning.
  3. Inflamed areas are treated with an eggplant mask. With the help of a meat grinder, peeled eggplant is crushed to a state of gruel. Place the composition on the skin. After the exposure time, wash with cool water.
  4. Chop parsley. Apply a thin layer to problem areas of the face. Wash off with warm water.
  5. In case of damage to the skin of the face, it is recommended to apply masks from fresh cucumber (peeled and crushed on a grater) and green tea (it is better to take large leaf, but you can also use sachets).


The first course of taking phyto-infusions should last about a year, the subsequent ones last no more than two months.


  1. At home, varicose veins are offered to be treated with hazelnuts. For the preparation of infusions, foliage and bark are suitable. The selected component, in the amount of fifteen grams, is poured into 230 ml of boiling water and allowed to stand. Use after pressing four times a day for a quarter of a glass. The recipe allows you to get rid of heaviness in the lower extremities and relieve swelling. Also indicated for diseases of the internal organs.
  2. Several tablespoons of dry nettle are placed in a 500 ml thermos. Pour in hot water and stand for at least forty minutes. Drink every time after eating a third of a cup.
  3. For four hours in 500 ml of boiling water, a couple of medium-sized Antonov apples are kept (pre-crushed into small cubes). After insisting, the fruits are kneaded. Fresh honey is added before use. Take with varicocele in half a glass before bedtime.
  4. For the treatment of varicose veins that have arisen during pregnancy, use the infusion of hop cones. 15 grams of raw materials are steamed with a glass of boiling water. They languish in a water bath for about fifteen minutes, after which they stand for another half hour. They drink a glass three times before meals, each time preparing a new remedy.hop cones with varicose veins in pregnancy
  5. To 100 ml of boiling water add 6 g of medicinal verbena. Insist one hour. Use a large spoonful up to six times a day to get rid of internal varicose veins without surgery.
  6. Add a dessert spoon of sweet clover herb to 400 ml of boiling water. Soak under a towel for two hours. Drink after meals for a quarter of a glass, repeating three times a day. In a similar way, prepare and take an infusion of meadow clover.
  7. To 350 ml of hot moisture add a teaspoon of Pochechuy Knotweed, stand for 1 hour. Drink half a cup every time before meals.
  8. To 250 ml of boiling water add 8 g of pepper mountaineer. After insisting for two hours, filter and start using - four times before meals, 70 ml each.
  9. A tablespoon of chopped carrot tops is steamed with a glass of hot moisture. Leave under the lid for 1 hour. Consume a cup before meals, doing the manipulations three times.

Pine bark extract

Fresh pine bark is washed thoroughly. While it is draining, eight glasses of water are poured into a saucepan and brought to a boil. Pine bark is also placed there. Boil until half of the liquid has evaporated. Filter with gauze. The cooked bark is again placed in a saucepan, four cups of water are added and boiled in the same way. The finished broth is poured into the existing one and the entire volume is poured into a saucepan. Boil over low heat until 100 ml of liquid remains. Cooled, poured into a glass container and covered with a lid. Apply two times ten milliliters. Helps fight disease in women.